A pathway to mental health support for youth

The Issue

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Lives hard for young people

We all know about the shortfalls of the existing provision of mental health services in Australia, especially for young people. There are often long waiting lists, and service providers are hard to access, leaving many people falling through the gaps.

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Qualified mental health support

Simple Steps helps young people work with qualified counsellors to get the mental health support they need confidentially and at no cost. Everything is organised through our partnerships: we have no contact with participants. We simply fund the program.

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We provide access

Young people seeking support contact Headspace, who will help them select a suitable counsellor. Appointments are organised in the usual manner, and the counsellor bills Simple Steps. We acknowledge the complexity that can accompany mental health issues.

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Simple Steps makes A DIFFERENCE BY fillING the gaps in our current government mental health systems FOR YOUTH AND YOUNG PEOPLE

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The Action

Filling a growing gap

Simple Steps is a local response to a community issue. The Rotary Club of Knox saw a growing need for mental health services and developed and implemented a program designed to help fill these gaps.

Increasing access

No referral is needed to speak with Headspace about support. As a diverse mental health service, they can help clients select the most appropriate counsellor, simplifying the process of finding and accessing the right help.

Working with professionals

The qualified counsellors are well- trained in the prevention and early intervention space. They are equipped to identify more complex mental health challenges and can provide support until access to more intensive care becomes available, if necessary.

The Funding

This change is made possible mainly by the support of generous Australians. Your support and investment helps deliver positive change for youth. We are committed to transparency and accountability. Every dollar you invest goes directly to providing counselling sessions for local youth in need.

Working on a responsible funding model, the Pilot Program was funded by the Rotary Club Of Knox and grants from the Knox City Council and Bendigo Bank Ferntree Gully. All grants went directly to counselling fees, with the Rotary Club of Knox funding the administration costs.

The Feedback

From our partner, Headspace

"We cannot overstate how much we appreciate this program and the opportunities for counselling and support it has provided to the many (!) young people who are accessing our service. We literally couldn’t have gotten through the last few months without you."

From a professional

"As a psychotherapist and counsellor, I have found that seeing Simple Steps’ clients is rewarding for me in a couple of ways. Firstly, it is gratifying to be able to offer support to someone who is in immediate need of help, when I know they may have waited weeks or even months without this program. Secondly, because of the age, the varied presenting issues and the diversity of the clients, I find that I have to be more creative as a therapist to adapt my treatment for a particular issue to the developmental level and interest of that client."

From a youth participant

"I have so many issues but for the first time I can see them for what they are and am learning skills to work with what I am living with. I'm not there yet but I am thinking about how I can live instead of wanting to die."

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"But doesn't the Government pay for this stuff?"

Unfortunately, there isn't a capture-all system for mental health.

So Simple Steps is designed to help fill the gaps in our current government mental health systems. It is a collaborative and complimentary service that adds extra support to areas of mental health need.

For example, in the Knox area, one identified gap is finding qualified professionals to service youth who access Headspace. Headspace relies on external professionals to provide mental health support, with many youths needing low to no cost. Still, not all mental health professionals are government-funded and therefore inaccessible to our youth, although available and exceptionally well equipped to see them.

For many, the wait is too long; they don't or can't ask their parents for money to pay for it, and things are getting worse.

The Simple Steps program is designed to help reduce mental distress in the youth and young people community by supporting those who slip through the gaps in our current Government System, reducing waiting lists for existing services, reducing pressure on mental health professionals and developing a model of providing low-cost mental health services.

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Access to preventative mental health support for all youth & young people


To provide funding to approved counsellors to help prevent mental health decline in youth and young people

Take a simple step and help create a

pathway to mental health support for local youth

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