Help the youth of Knox with Simple Steps.

Just $100 will pay for a 1 hour consultation!


A Rotary Club of Knox initiative.

About Simple Steps

Simple Steps is a Pilot Program of the Rotary Club of Knox created for the sole purpose of providing funding for mental health counselling in the Knox area.

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Who is it for?

Simple Steps is design for those who

- would benefit from access to counselling
- live, work or study in the City of Knox
- are unable to access Government services or consult private practitioners due to financial difficulties.

Simple Steps is working closely with headspace Knox.

How does it work?

1. Identify

headspace Knox will identify from their clients, a young person who meets the above criteria.

2. Assist

headspace Knox will then help the client select the most appropriate counsellor from a list of participating counsellors, supplied by Simple Steps.

3. Refer

headspace Knox makes a referral and the client would then negotiate appointment times with the selected counsellor.

4. Fund

The counsellor would send their account to, and be paid by Simple Steps.

- If such a referral turns out to be unsuitable, another counsellor could be negotiated.

- The client is not expected to make any financial contribution.

- The desirable numbers of sessions would be worked out between counsellor and client. However, if this turns out to be more than six, the arrangement will need to be reviewed.

- At no stage will Simple Steps Solutions be told the name of the client or other personal information. They will keep only basic data, for example, age range or gender of clients to help with forward planning.

The finer details...

Our Goal

- Better mental health for individuals and therefore the community overall.
- Shortening of waiting time for services.
- Reduction in pressure on professionals.


Initially, this program it is being funded by the Rotary Club of Knox, Rotary District Grants, and Knox City Council.

However, Simple Steps Solutions Inc. has registered as a charity and will need to seek and encourage further donations if it is to continue.